Brapse·Jul 6th, 2023

A New Chapter for Builder Module: Embracing the lessons of the past

In the landscape of constant growth and change, sometimes, the best step forward is to reassess, recalibrate, and realign with the evolving needs of the ecosystem. Today, we reflect on our journey with the Builder Module, what we've learned, where we stand, and where we are headed next.

During our journey with Zenith , we set out to make off-chain actors equal citizens in the Cosmos space. Zenith was an expression of our vision, embodying the desire to create a fair, transparent blockspace market. Throughout this venture, we've gleaned a wealth of insights, lessons, and experiences that shaped our understanding of the landscape and its unique challenges.

One critical realization was the need for the Builder Module to provide more facilities for decentralization and censor-ship resistant. We ventured into developing the Builder Module with enthusiasm, seeking to create a robust interface between Cosmos-based chains and builders. Our aspirations for this module were rooted in upholding chain sovereignty, full control over the shape of blocks, and the fair distribution of revenue.

However, as we progressed, we discovered that the Cosmos ecosystem is charting a different path. The community is not leaning towards making this module the canonical primitive for off-chain block building. With the sentiment shifting, we've come to a decision.

In line with our ethos of aligning with the community's evolving needs, we've decided to hand over the Builder Module to the community as it stands today. However, this is not a cessation but rather a strategic shift. The Builder Module, we believe, is a remarkable piece of software with substantial potential, and we remain excited about its capabilities. Operating in a pre-ABCI++ environment, the Builder Module has proven to be a potent tool, providing a streamlined, efficient approach to block-building. However, had we been developing this in a world with ABCI++ fully realized, our design choices might have been different, taking advantage of the more expansive possibilities offered by ABCI++. This experience stands as a testament to our continuous learning journey and our adaptability to the ever-evolving blockchain environment.

Looking ahead, our focus will shift towards the user experience aspect. Recognizing that users need an accessible, simple way to express their preferences, we will be channeling our resources towards ensuring this becomes a reality. Our new direction teases at a story that we're excited to share in the future, but let's keep that under wraps for now.

We invite anyone interested in contributing to this field to dive in, explore and bring their vision to life using our code. Don't hesitate to reach out to us – we’re here to support, provide answers, and help shape the future of blockchain technology together.

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