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A New Chapter for Zenith: Open-Source and Beyond

Back to the drawing board. That's where we find ourselves today as we turn a new leaf in the tale of Zenith. For those unfamiliar, Zenith is an initiative aimed at creating a transparent, equitable market for block space within the supported Cosmos networks. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, we at Mekatek are also adjusting our sails, venturing towards new horizons. Consequently, we've made the decision to discontinue Zenith as a proprietary project and open-source it, contributing to the public good and strengthening the Cosmos community.

Our involvement with Zenith was far more than a business venture. It encapsulated our vision to elevate off-chain actors to equal citizenship in the blockchain domain. Traditional models often see chains integrating every function vertically; we aimed to offer a different narrative. Zenith was born out of the ambition to enable chains to express preferences, regulate block shapes, distribute proceeds, and enforce builder accountability on-chain. Our intent was to address pressing challenges such as operational risk, opaque payment procedures, and block building inefficiencies.

We recognized, through the development of Zenith, that the block building preferences within the Cosmos ecosystem were still emerging. Numerous paths and preferences are yet to be discovered and explored. Hence, we concluded that committing to one solution over others might not be the most judicious choice at this stage.

In our initial vision, Zenith appeared to present a compelling business case as an auction market for searchers. But as we delved deeper, we had to re-evaluate this model against our core ethos. Mekatek has always been about promoting decentralization and eschewing long-term centralized infrastructures. To our surprise, we found ourselves inadvertently promoting intermediaries, an outcome that strayed from our original vision.

This led to a key insight: block space is a low-level primitive, a foundational layer that needs more sophisticated constructs on top of it. As such, open-sourcing Zenith became the evident route to take. This move would empower more chains to integrate and build on Zenith, a scenario we believe is in alignment with our initial mission and offers invaluable resources to the broader community.

What we knew is that intermediaries aren't the solution. Instead, our focus now turns to a more permissionless approach: the Builder Module. This strategic shift heralds a fresh chapter in our journey and an exciting frontier in the blockchain landscape. Expect more details on this in the future.

As for Zenith, we're unveiling it to the world. We're releasing our codebase, providing a case study for any trailblazer interested in constructing in this domain. By doing so, we're cutting down on intermediaries and enabling more user-centric solutions.

Our experience with Zenith was a crucial step toward exploring sustainable means of open-source funding. It showed us that our approach needs to be flexible as we gather feedback and confront the inevitable challenges that surface along the way. This journey has offered us invaluable lessons and inspired our future projects, which we can't wait to share with the community as they come to fruition.

To anyone intrigued by Zenith's journey or considering using our code, feel free to reach out. We're here to help, answer queries, or just have a conversation about this ever-changing landscape. You can contact us at [email protected] - your input is a crucial part of our journey.

We want to extend our gratitude to everyone involved with Zenith - our community, our partners, our competitors, and every supporter who's joined us on this voyage. As we transition to this new phase, your understanding and support are invaluable.

As we embark on this new chapter, our dedication to contributing to the blockchain community remains firm. We remain committed to continuous learning innovate, and serve the greater public good. Our efforts with Zenith are a testament to that commitment, and we look forward to more exciting journeys ahead.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

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