xla·Oct 4th, 2023

The Onset of a New Chapter in the Interchain: Filament

Today marks an important step for Mekatek and Numia. We're introducing Filament, a project birthed from our experiences running growth campaigns for protocols. Filament is our attempt to bridge gaps and foster protocol growth, engagement, and retention across the Interchain and beyond.

The Growth conundrum for emerging protocols

As protocols set their sights on growth, they encounter a myriad of challenges. Traditional advertising platforms, fine-tuned for the Web2 realm, often find themselves at odds with the needs of the Web3 space. The disparities arise due to:

  • Privacy: Mainstream advertising platforms undermine user privacy which is central to Web3's ethos.
  • Disconnection from Crypto: Many of these platforms lack native crypto mechanisms, resulting in potential misalignments.
  • Centralization Woes: Their predominantly centralized operations starkly conflict with the decentralization that Web3 champions.
  • A Lack of Cohesiveness: Web3 isn't about bombarding platforms with disjointed promotions. We're in pursuit of cohesive solutions that complement rather than clutter.

Filament’s Approach: Envisioning a Cohesive Interchain

Aware of these challenges, Filament aims to transcend the role of a mere connector. It seeks to serve as a catalyst, striving to unify users, wallets, liquidity providers, validators, and other pivotal players under a harmonious framework.

Filament is not just about navigating known challenges. It's a voyage into the unknown, a quest to redefine growth in the Web3 age without compromising its foundational values. While the current mode of campaign integration is centralized, prioritizing a decentralized, protocol-first approach is imperative.

We warmly invite you to delve deeper into Filament, understanding its conceptual architecture and envisaged integration techniques. With Filament, we are at the commencement of a journey, one that beckons exploration and enlightenment. If our aspirations resonate with you and pique your interest, please do get in touch.

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